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School Improvement

We work collaboratively to ensure effective ownership of our school improvement plan. We understand that as a school we need to constantly evolve and improve in order to meet the needs of our pupils and the community. School Leaders and Governors are ambitious and determined for the school to be “a great school.”

Our school improvement plan is written after we have evaluated our performance and, most importantly, thoroughly analysed the outcomes which our pupils have achieved. This usually happens in late July or early September. When analysing outcomes, data about attendance and behaviour is also considered. Critically, the analysis of data focuses on the outcomes of statutory assessments, examination and test results for all pupils and then for groups of pupils. However, the school’s internal data from Educater Assessment about different year groups and subjects is also analysed before the school improvement plan can be drawn up.

That said, for it to be really effective, school improvement planning must also be cyclical; in other words, there must be on-going review, updated planning, implementation and evaluation throughout the school year. Furthermore, just as leaders need training in how to make accurate judgements, the skills to draw up effective plans to address any areas for improvement will also require support and training for many school leaders.

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